"As a pro-golfer, it is very important to manage my physical condition all the time. Proper sleep is one of the most important factors that influence my physical condition. That is why I carry my Kanuda pillow to every LPGA tournament around the world."
“Probably the best pillow that I have found. Created by a physical therapist, KANUDA pillows are designed to form well with the natural curvature of the cervical spine, placing your neck and head in proper alignment while you sleep. The length and contour of the pillow allows for both back and side sleeping postures and a comfortable transition between the two.”
"I’ve been using this pillow for 2 months now. Kanuda was developed by a physical therapist, and it’s really great for sleeping on your back or your side. I 100% recommend it. So go get yourself one and you will be sleeping optimally and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed without that neck pain."


I’ve cycled through countless pillows for my neck and shoulder pains and Kanuda is the ONLY pillow that has truly helped me sleep better and wake up without major aches.
I mostly sleep on my side and this is the first pillow where my neck feels straight and my shoulders don’t feel cramped. I’m really picky about my pillows but I’m super happy with my purchase. Definitely my favorite pillow by a long margin.
Every pillow maker says that their pillows are ergonomically designed for the ‘perfect’ posture. Finally a pillow that actually lives up to those claims!!!

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