SOMA Nap : Head Traction Device

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  • Alleviates Neck Pain: Targets sub-occipital muscles for quick relief from neck pain and tension.
  • Enhances Sleep Quality: Supports spine's natural curve, promoting deeper, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Promotes Spinal Health: Gentle traction for proper spinal alignment and postural correction.
  • Therapeutic Acupressure: Stimulates acupressure points to ease tension and boost circulation.

Physical Therapy Techniques Replicated:

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SOMA Nap : Head Traction Device

SOMA Nap : Head Traction Device

Regular price $99.00
Sale price $99.00 Regular price $119.00
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How's your neck?

Living with neck pain is awful.

If you or someone you know have frequent neck pain, you know it’s not an easy problem to get rid of.

Regular visits to a chiropractor, physical therapist, osteopathic physician is expensive and time-consuming.

Meet Kanuda SOMA Nap

SOMA, standing for Sub-Occipital Muscles Acupressure, is at the heart of the Kanuda SOMA NAP's design. The device is engineered to directly address the tension in the sub-occipital muscles - the group of muscles that are crucial for maintaining head posture and often a hidden source of chronic headaches and neck pain.

The Kanuda SOMA NAP, with its precision acupressure, offers a proactive approach to combating neck pain by:

  • Targeting the Source: The SOMA NAP focuses on the sub-occipital muscles, which, when tight, can cause a ripple effect of discomfort throughout the body.
  • Promoting Natural Alignment: By easing the muscles at the base of the skull, the SOMA NAP encourages a natural alignment of the spine, helping to alleviate pressure and pain.
  • Improving Circulation: Acupressure helps to stimulate blood flow to the affected areas, which is essential for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.


Targeted Traction


Targeted Traction

How to use

Preparation: Find a quiet space with a firm surface.

Positioning the SOMA NAP: Place the SOMA NAP with the sub-occipital acupressure section at the top.

Lying Down: Align your neck and let your head rest in the occipital compression section.

Adjusting for Comfort: Make minor adjustments for optimal traction and comfort.

Relaxation Time: Close your eyes, relax for 15-20 minutes, and breathe deeply.

After Use: Gently roll to the side and rise to avoid sudden movements.

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