Ergonomic pillow with built in physical therapy effects for posture correction and restful sleep

Why Kanuda?

A third of our days, a third of our lives 


Our Proven Track Record for Reducing Neck Pain

Over 2 million customers worldwide

Recipient of multiple consumer awards for the most beloved and trusted brand in South Korea for 10 consecutive years.

Proprietary design and patented technology developed with dedication and precision  to reduce neck pain

FDA/CE approved and officially endorsed by the Korean Physical Therapy Association

First Ever Pillow with Built-in Physical Therapy Techniques

First ever pillow to incorporate physical therapy techniques (Craniosacral therapy techniques – OCBR, CV4, EV4) to relieve neck pain and induce proper sleep positions

Keeping your neck, spine, and shoulders truly aligned in proper resting position while sleeping on the side through 15 years of product iterations to perfect every angle, crease, and foam density combination

Only the Best Quality for Your Comfort

Premium cover made with all-natural and organic Beechtree fibers (multiple awards and certifications from EU Ecolabel, USDA, and ISO)

Designed to keep you cool night after night through structural pillow design and with naturally cool materials layered with mesh inner lining

Water-resistant lining for better hygiene and extended foam performance over time

Patented premium memory foam

Removable height adjustment inserts (available on select products)