Shipping Info

At Kanuda, we know you are excited to start using our unique neck pillows and we do our best to see each order processes ASAP.

Due to each carriers shipping terms, delivery times can vary depending on holidays, promos, and certain weather conditions. Typically our orders leave our warehouse within 1-2 business days. 

Shipping times vary by location but Kanuda pillows typically arrive within 4-7 days of the order. Kanuda compresses and ships its pillows in sustainable cardboard box which aids in maintain the integrity of each of our exclusive neck pillows.

Kanuda will select the carrier with the most affordable shipping rates depending on your zone and delivery location indicated on your order. 

For additional information regarding shipping to your specific area, contact us directly at or submit your question in the form provided. 

Protect Your Packages with Confidence!

ShipInsure is a premium package protection provider for Kanuda. When you choose to add ShipInsure to your order in the cart, you gain the benefit of filing claims with ease in case of lost, stolen, or damaged shipments. 

Should you encounter any unfortunate incidents, simply file a claim with ShipInsure. Shipinsure’s dedicated Support team will promptly review your claim and respond within 24 hours. If you have purchased ShipInsure Package Protection, you will receive a confirmation email from them with instructions on how to file a claim if needed. Protect your packages with ShipInsure today and have the confidence that your orders are safeguarded.

You can quickly file a claim by clicking here.

Note: If your order does not have ShipInsure Package Protection, we are not responsible for any lost/stolen packages.