Kanuda's memory foam pillows that are designed by a physical therapist

Our Story

“Aligning the body and mind with the right posture”

The concept of a KANUDA pillow was conceived by a renowned physical therapist in South Korea back in 2005.

With many years of experience treating patients with neck pain and related posture issues, he was determined to help his patients reduce neck pain and live more comfortably.

His patients frequently reported increased neck pain after waking up from a night sleep and this was no surprise. We spend a third of our time sleeping and very few of us sleep in the proper position.

He set out to design the perfect pillow for his patients, knowing very well that the vast majority of pillows in the market failed to keep the neck posture straight despite claims of doing so, in addition to fading over time and therefore further adding to the problem. He partnered with a team of R&D engineers and designed a one-of-a-kind product that would integrate physical therapy benefits into a pillow and ensure proper neck alignment while sleeping on the side, not only on day 1 but over time. Since then, KANUDA has been perfecting its pillow through ongoing R&D and leading the way in customer satisfaction.

What does KANUDA mean?

The name KANUDA means “Aligning the body and mind with the right posture”. Today, KANUDA pillows have helped over 2 million customers reduce neck pain and sleep better.