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Neck pain is one of the most common forms of pain that we experience throughout our lives. While this is nothing new, the modern lifestyle is increasingly contributing to poor posture and discomfort in our necks. In various studies, it has been estimated that more than 30% of US adults experience neck pain that interferes with daily activities, and more than 50% of this population report the pain as being chronic and frequent. These numbers have been increasing at an alarming rate driven by a number of underlying lifestyle factors.

The average person typically work 8 hours a day in front of a computer. Most of this time is sedentary and spent in a seated position. Moreover, many lack the knowledge or tools to set up a proper / ergonomic work space which results in extra pressure on the spine and leads to misalignments with a forward head position.

Even with the proper set up, we often resort to poor posture choices such as crossing our legs or hunching our shoulders while typing. With behind-the-wheel commutes being longer than ever, time spent sitting with hunched shoulders and forward head position will only be compounded.

A third of our days, a third of our lives


Our neck and shoulder muscles need to support a heavy load during the day: the average head of an adult typically weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. Our muscles need rest during sleep at night, which represents a third of our time, just like the rest of our body and mind. The difference between giving our neck time to rest properly with healthy sleep positions vs. continuing to apply tension throughout the night is absolutely stark. It’s the difference between nearly a full day of negative pressure on your neck and a balanced mix of both negative and healing pressures.

While proper sleep is restorative, improper sleep positions further exacerbates neck pain issues that have built up during the day. It is now widely accepted that the best positions to sleep in are on your back or on your side. Sleeping on your stomach will contribute to neck pain as it forces your head to be turned fully to the left or to the right, and this is not a natural sleeping position for the neck and shoulder muscles. That said, poor sleep positions often persist even when we sleep on our backs and sides. Neck, shoulder, and spine alignment are critical to allow our muscles to truly rest and be free of tension.

We’ve Got Your Back.

How Kanuda Helps You Sleep Properly and Relieve Neck Pain

While every individual is unique, the average person rolls over multiple times during the course of the night, let alone an hour, often alternating between side and black sleeping positions. KANUDA pillows have been engineered to support and benefit you in both positions over other pillows.

The use of smartphones has become a major part of our daily lives – over 80% of the US adult population owns a smartphone today (compared to 35% just ten years ago) and Americans on average spend around 5.4 hours a day using phones. Looking down on our smartphones involves tilting down the head which puts significant pressure on the neck and leads to posture issues.

On Your Back

Bringing You the Benefits of Physical Therapy

KANUDA pillows have been specifically designed to apply CranioSacral Therapy (CST) techniques to your head and neck. As you rest on your back, KANUDA pillows apply two widely used and gentle therapeutic techniques known to relieve tension in the central nervous system and soften the fascia and muscle tissue in the sub-occipital area.

Together, these techniques effectively treat headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, help redress postural issues, and promote a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting the immune system. Click on 'What is CST' below to learn more about these techniques.

On Your Side

On Your Side - Neck Alignment Like No Other Brand

Every pillow in the market claims that they are designed to promote perfect alignment between the head, neck / shoulders, and spine. Unfortunately many of us have found reality underwhelming as many products fail to deliver on this claim.

KANUDA R&D engineers have put maniacal focus to deliver a superior product – going through countless iterations with continuous patient feedback. Every single angle, cavity, and crease in our pillows have been perfected over time along with adjustments to the foam density to develop a truly supportive pillow.

Join millions of other KANUDA consumers who have found a product that has truly helped relieve neck pain and improve their lives.

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