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9 Types of Pillows and Which One to Choose

Are you looking for a perfect pillow to improve your sleep duration and quality?

Well, you are in the right place, as this post will cover nine types of pillows available in the market. Moreover, you will find out which of them is the best to enhance your sleeping experience. 

Pillows are an essential element contributing to sleep quality for good or for worst. However, most sleepers tend to stay ignorant about the fact that a pillow can play a vital role in your sleeping ritual. A good pillow can not only improve your sleeping conditions but also ease any chronic aches and pains in your neck and back. 

The best pillow is the one that offers support to your neck and head while promoting a healthy spine and relieving pressure. There is a myriad of options when it comes to types of pillows, so let us have a look at 9 of them. 

9 Types of Pillows for Good Sleep

9 Types of Pillows You Can Buy

While there are several types of pillows to purchase, here are nine that are best amongst all. 

Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows are one of the most commonly available types of pillows in the market. They are easily maintainable and come with an affordable price tag for all. Although soft and breathable, these pillows do not contour the shape of your neck and head well. 

Moreover, the cotton used losses its firmness and fluffiness over time, and they become flat. Furthermore, these pillows are prone to mildew build-up due to the absorption of sweat overnight. 

Down Pillows

These are luxurious pillows made from ultra-soft material using goose and duct underbellies. While the material used in these pillows claims to be hypoallergenic, there are not suitable if you have a history of allergies to geese and ducks. 

Down pillows are cozy and a perfect fit to keep you warm on cold nights. While they are extremely malleable and durable, you will have to keep up with regularly fluffing them. However, if you are looking for a supportive pillow, a down pillow is not a good option. 

Another downside of these pillows is a hefty price tag, as some may cost several hundred dollars. 

Feather Pillows

Looking for affordable types of pillows? Feather pillows are a good option. Not only are they from topcoats of ducks and geese, but they are also supportive and durable. However, some brands do mix other material into the mix as these pillows are not very supportive with feathers alone. 

That said, if you are looking for a fluffy pillow for a comfortable sleep, feather pillows are one of the affordable kinds. However, they tend to get flat over time, so you will have to keep up with regular fluffing. 

Moreover, the feather may poke through the pillow’s fabric and emit a strange smell. This alone may hinder your sleep, no matter how comfortable the pillow is. 

Gel Pillows 

Gel pillows use gel infused with other materials; however, these mostly use memory foam. The cool gel sensation offers relief from neck pain and reduces pressure. These pillows are really comfortable and provide a long life span with clean and healthy sleeping quality. 

These pillows are firm and do not require fluffing at all. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic but will cost you a decent amount of money. 

Inner Spring Pillows

These pillows actually contain an outer layer of polyester or memory foam with an inner layer with a steel spring. The idea is to provide extra neck and head support, just like inner spring mattresses. They also have good airflow, so you can stay cool while you sleep. 

However, the only drawback is the expensive price tag due to their complex construction. 

Latex Pillows 

Latex pillows are soft, supportive, and breathable. They provide excellent support with impeccable pressure point relief. Hygienically, they are resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. You can get a latex pillow with shredded material or in block form. If you or anyone at home is allergic to latex, it is best to avoid these. 

Latex is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. However, make sure to get one with 90% natural latex. Why? Because they are more durable and comfortable. 

Memory Foam Pillows

If you are looking for pain-relieving types of pillows that can contour well according to your neck and head, consider memory foam pillows. The material of these pillows responds quickly to your body movement while cradling your neck and head curves. 

These pillows have a material that comes from ripped pieces of polyurethane occasionally mixed with polyfill. However, memory foam pillows do emit a chemical odor known as off-gassing. So, if you are planning to buy, get one certified by CertiPur-US ® as it guarantees minimum smell emissions. 

That said, these pillows are highly supportive and do not go flat over time. 

Wool Pillows

Another common type of pillows you can find in most market places and online stores. They are soft, fluffy, and breathable. However, they are not popular because of being expensive, and you can only dry clean them for hygienic use. 

The Ergonomic Pillows

Ergonomic pillows belong to the therapeutic types of pillows. These pillows work on physiotherapy laws using squishy material that contouring your neck and head. No matter which position you sleep in, an ergonomic pillow is the best option, hands down. 

They are fantastic, breathable, and offer a durable life span. Moreover, ergonomic pillows use microbeads that are eco-friendly material. The ergonomic pillows use molded foam to provide a perfect sleeping position on your side, back, or upfront. 

Moreover, these types of pillows use hypoallergenic and non-toxic material to reduce any aches and pains in your neck and head. The Kanuda pillows offer a firm foundation with a soft touch and promise a comfortable night's sleep. 

However, the tip while buying these pillows is to get the correct size, as this is important to improve your posture while sleeping. 

Kanuda is the Only Pillow You Need

The Takeaway

Now that you know the nine most popular types of pillows available in the market, it is time to have your pick. You can thank us later for the many comfortable nights of sleep for years to come. Sweet dreams and happy sleeping!

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