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Kanuda Head Nap : Cervical Traction Pillow

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Kanuda Nap, a cervical traction pillow, was designed to mimic physical therapy session at home by stimulating pressure points of OCBR and CV4 techniques. 

Recommended daily use:10-30 minutes a day  

  • Pillow Size: 11.5″ x 8″ x 4″
  • Ship Size: 13″ x 9″ x 5″
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
    • Polyurethane foam (integral skin foam)
      • Traction pillow
      • Instruction manual

      30 night trial

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      1-year limited warranty

      How's your neck?

      Living with neck pain is awful.

      If you or someone you know have frequent neck pain, you know it’s not an easy problem to get rid of.

      Regular visits to a chiropractor, physical therapist, osteopathic physician is expensive and time-consuming.

      Meet Kanuda Head Nap

      A cervical traction head nap pillow, designed to replicate physical therapy sessions at home by stimulating occipital pressure points CV4 and OCBR.

      Effects of OCBR & CV4

      Reduce stress and anxiety by stimulating cerebralspinal fluid motion in and around the head

      Relax connective tissues around the head, neck, spinal, and throughout the body

      Restore flexibility of autonomic nervous system

      Help improve autoimmune dysfunctions

      Reduce neck, shoulder, and upper back pain

      Relieve headaches

      How to use

      Nap traction pillows can be used for either OCBR or CV4 physical  therapy. You can apply these therapy techniques one at a time (based on the position of the traction pillow).


      Lie down on your back facing up with a straight posture.

      Place your neck directly above the Nap traction pillow. Align the  position such that the OCBR grooves on the pillow are positioned directly underneath your nuchal line. Your nuchal line is where  the bottom of your skull transitions to your neck. Stay relaxed in a state of meditation.


      Adjust the position of the traction pillow such that the CV4  therapy area is placed directly underneath the back of your skull.  You should feel the two lines on the traction pillow against the  back of your head.

      Slightly tuck your chin in and once again,  bend your knees and stay relaxed.

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