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How to Use
Kanuda Spine Nap

How's your neck?

Regular visits to a chiropractor, physical therapist, osteopathic physician is expensive and time-consuming.

Meet Kanuda Spine Nap

A cervical and thoracic traction pillow, designed to replicate physical therapy sessions at home by stimulating cervical pressure points of the spine and neck.

Effect of the Spine Nap

Redress postural issues like slumped shoulders and the forward head posture

Relax connective tissues around the head, neck, spinal, and throughout the body

Reduce neck, shoulder, and upper back pain

Restore flexibility of autonomic nervous system

How to use

Technique 1. Lie down on your back facing up with a straight posture. Rest the back of your head on the back of the head pressure points, and rest for 10-20 minutes in a fully relaxed state.

Technique 2. While using the Spine Nap, bend your arm and raise your hands to the side of your head, palms facing up. Slowly put downward pressure (toward the floor) with your shoulders and repeat 3-10 times.

Technique 3. Slowly move your body up to place your back on the cervical spine (neck) pressure part of the Spine Nap. For maximum pressure on your back, lock your fingers behind your head, tuck your chin in, and slowly roll up while raising your hip.

Use precaution as this places great pressure on the back. If you feel acute pain or discomfort, stop this technique immediately.

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